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About TrueCost
Changing the way you shop for electricity

We take electricity shopping personally.

TrueCost is electricity shopping made for you. We can use your home or small business' past usage along with the features you'd like to see in a plan -- like green content or rewards points -- and rank them in our system to match your expectations. Plus, our cost projections detail each plan with all fees, taxes and pass-through charges included, so you'll understand the estimated true cost of the plans you're considering before you sign up.  

One website with many plans from many electric companies.  No need to search the Internet or call electric companies to check offers.

Rates based on your past electricity usage and preferences.

Working with your smart meter, we can use your actual usage to estimate the cost of plans.

Credible, reliable, objective.  CenterPoint Energy doesn't generate or sell electricity.

Easy to shop.  Easy to switch.  Easy to see how you could start saving.

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