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Electric Price Trends
CenterPoint Energy Service Area

When it comes to shopping, better information means better decisions. 
That's why we created the CenterPoint Energy Electric Price Index. The Index analyzes a broad range of plans available to Texas residential customers with electric choice and tracks weekly price changes in six-month, one-year and two-year fixed-rate electricity plans. This allows you to:
  • Compare the current average prices of typical fixed-rate products
  • Monitor price movements throughout the year
  • Review summaries of how we perceive market conditions, and more importantly, how they could affect your buying decisions.
Market Summary
Six-month plans proved to be the low-cost leaders in 2012, other than the prime summer months where one-year plans were the lowest priced plans.  This trend continued in 2013, with six-month plans spiking in early summer (at a higher price than 2012) and then dropping drastically in the fall, while one-year plans remained slightly more stable throughout the year.

Now, as six-month plans once again begin their seasonal incline, only time will tell as to whether or not 2014's prices will follow the same trend we have seen in the last two years.  And more importantly, will the increase in natural gas prices we've been observing this year, in addition to any weather factors, bring prices higher overall?  Keep up with our blog for frequent updates.
Average monthly costs as shown are based on a customer who uses 12,000 kilowatt-hours per year. See "About the Index" in the right column to learn more about how the Index is calculated.

--Bobby Dornbos
CenterPoint Energy serves Angleton,  Alvin, Cypress , Galveston, Houston, Pasadena and Richmond.

For a map of CenterPoint Energy's service area, click here.

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Electric Price Trends

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