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Weekly Electric Price Index Update
Fixed prices still falling

Posted by Bobby Dornbos on 03/08/2012 at 4:18 PM

This week, 148 plans were analyzed in the CenterPoint Energy Electric Price Index, from 45 providers.
  • The price of six-month plans rose 4 cents last week. Over the last year, however, the average price of six-month plans have fallen by more than any another plan type. The average six-month plan price is now $6 less expensive per month than it was in March of 2011.
  • The average price of one-year plans declined 50 cents last week, making them $3 a month cheaper than in February and $4 a month cheaper than a year ago.
  • Two-year plans also experienced price declines. The average price of a two-year plan fell 12 cents cents last week, making the average price $2 lower than last month and $2 cheaper than this time last year.
  • The unusual disappearance of a “Green Premium” for two-year plans persisted again this week.   As the chart below shows, the premium for two-year green plans remains less than $0. Or put another way, two-year green plans, on average, cost $1 less than standard two-year plans.  Historically, renewable energy has cost more.
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